Welcome in Alpe d'Huez ski resort

station de ski alpe huez

The winter and summer resort, Alpe d´Huez, is located on the South face of the mountain Les Grandes Rousses at the altitude of 1860 m.

Le Pic Blanc, 3330 m, offers a 3 stars view in the Michelin Guide. The high altitude guarantees snow on the 245 km. of slopes, including the longest slope of the world : La Sarenne.

Thanks to the 770 snow canons, the return to Alpe d´Huez and the other mountain villages is possible by skiing. Alpe d´Huez also offers you skiing by night at the Signal slalom stadium, a snowpark, a Sports and Meeting center...

With an array of gliss and no-gliss activities, Alpe d´Huez is the place of important events like the Trophée Andros, the Snowboard World Cup... 1 hour from Grenoble, the dauphinese capital, and less than 5 hours from Paris, Alpe d´Huez is a huge paradise for ski lovers, pure air and open spaces.

Source : Skifrance.fr